Chapter Seven


Rumors spread of yet another new world.  The prophets actively fan these flames amongst the camps and refugees.  Hosts of warriors gather at the Great Runegates.  Commanders rally their troops for the next push.  Arcean Mystics and Arcane Masters prepare the rituals force open new gates to this rumored paradise.  And the unspoken oppressive silence of the troops, the knowledge that this may be just another false hope.  Another campaign to no ultimate victory.  Just another long wandering in the Void.

Crowfall is perhaps our last best hope.  Unapologetic about its lineage, and founded by the former Shadowbane developers, Crowfall’s stated mission is to create something revolutionary once again.  Shadowbane delivered such a revolutionary experience of freedom, struggle, politics, and competition in 2003 and in the words of many Shadowbane veterans, ruined all other games.  Despite dated graphics and controls, bugs, crashes, and lag, nothing else delivered the same experience and so the Shadowbane community has been restlessly wandering from game to game ever disappointed.   Freedom is not for everyone and to their great credit, the developers at Crowfall have repeatedly stated in their news releases that the “visceral” experience of a game in Shadowbane’s image will not appeal to everyone.  The courage to break from the industry’s appeal to the masses has not been seen since Darkfall. Whether Crowfall is the true spiritual successor to Shadowbane remains to be seen, but it appears to be worth one last gamble.

The Winterblades have been part of the Shadowbane community since the beginning.  As part of the Shadowbane community we have been Class Advocates, Community Advocates, Moderators, SBEmu staff, and Players. We join old friends and enemies once again in conquering a new realm, with the fervent hope that we have finally found a new home and no longer need restlessly wander in search of the next Shadowbane.

Winter is Coming,  See You There.