5.4 is “Imminent” *Updated*


5.4 is “Imminent” *Updated*

Yesterday, Artcraft held a Crowfall LIVE! stream to go over some of the changes that had been made to the 5.4.2 test client as well as to announce some changes they were trying out.

Some of these changes such as the Recall have been panned on the forums and do not seem to operate quite like they said in the stream(found below).

Other changes, such as the nerf to Standard Bearer’s “Rallying Banner” were welcomed and concerning as it appears to be another power that has been over nerfed putting it in the realm of not being worth using.

The most notable piece was that 5.4 is “Imminent” and from the way they talked in the video, we may see it this week. A snap test was held last night on the new build but included a nasty bug where many people were unable to enter the server properly. They have asked that if you encounter that bug to send your logs to their support email address.

*Update 1/26/18*

We won’t be getting 5.4 this weekend according to Pann.  However, Alpha 3 and Beta 1 have been given access to the test server. Hopefully we will see 5.4 early next week!

There is also likely to be a wipe of the Spirit Bank on the live servers with the migration of 5.4 from test to the Live servers. Thus far it seems that the skill trees will not be wiped.


To see the whole stream, Artcraft posted a VoD: