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Crowfall Releases on 7/6/21!

After 5+ years of testing the pre-alpha, alpha, and beta milestones of Crowfall, we are taking the knowledge and amazing playerbase into the launch of Crowfall! Winterblades will be at full force to launch, and we can’t wait to see […]


State of the Guild. Crowfall Patch 5.110

~An update from Damebix, Guildmaster of the Winterblades~ “Is today the day?” The question that has been at the forefront of the Crowfall community’s mind since the beginning of February.  When will the anticipated “Dregs” patch hit the test server? […]


Winterblades Earns Arkon’s Favor!

In the 9th Trial of the Gods and the first of patch 5.100, Winterblades and Balance(HoA and Clams) were victorious maintaining their perfection through out the all the trials thus far. WHoA looks to continue their streak in the Trial […]


5.100 Hits Live!

ACE has pushed 5.100 to live and with it has brought up the Trial of Arkon. Winterblades will be championing Balance as we have since the Trials have begun. We look forward to seeing all of you on the field! […]


Victory in the Trial of Zaleena!

Winterblades and Balance emerge victorious in the Trial of Zaleena! The trial was well fought by CremdelaCrem and his Chaos Militia attempting to unite the fractious forces of UxA, Corvus Citadel, UDL, LoD, and the remaining Chaos hordelings. The trial […]


Victory in the Trial of Malekai

After shattering the forces of Chaos in the first competitive sieges of Crowfall’s Trial of the Gods, Winterblades and the Balance Faction gain Victory in the Trial of Malekai


Victory in the First Siege of the Trial of the Gods

Winterblades gains the favor of Malekai in the first competitive siege of the Trial of the Gods. The Balance faction takes an early lead with both Winterblades and House of Avari capturing their assigned objectives. Winterblades assaults the Chaos Faction’s […]


Winterblades Champions Balance in the Trial of the Gods

The first competitive campaigns in the Crowfall pre-alpha begin! The first trial of the gods–the Trial of Malekai begins February 12, 2019!


A chill descends on the Friday Night Fights!

Crowfall’s community has many great great members, and some of them put on some fantastic events – player Redbeard has been running a weekly tournament called Friday Night Fights, and for this it’s 3rd week, Winterblades ZeFx and Anthrage joined […]


5.4 is “Imminent” *Updated*

Yesterday, Artcraft held a Crowfall LIVE! stream to go over some of the changes that had been made to the 5.4.2 test client as well as to announce some changes they were trying out. Some of these changes such as […]