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Competitive Openworld PvP.  Long History.  Low-Drama.  Veteran Membership.

With roots dating back to Ultima Online, [-W-] Winterblades was founded in 2001 in the run up to Shadowbane. For over two decades the Winterblades have excelled in PVP MMORPGS, with success in Shadowbane, Darkfall, Guildwars 2, Crowfall's Test phases, and now Crowfall Live. We have long awaited a spiritial successor to the Open World Conquest PvP that brought us together in Shadowbane and Darkfall. In Crowfall we have a new hope.  The Winterblades have been active and testing for Crowfall since day one and remain one of the most active guilds in Crowfall.

Our strength is our membership. From the grizzled veterans of Shadowbane to the allies and former foes that have joined us along the way, to the new wave of Winterblades that have persevered with us since 2015 in the Crowfall Pre-Alpha. Their dedication and Guild First attitude has allowed us to succeed and grow as a community. 

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